Monte-Carlo Television Festival Gets Underway

With the 46th edition opening on Monday, June 26th, the Monte-Carlo Television Festival promises to be one of the hottest events of the year, featuring international celebrities and a record number of American actors. The festival will present numerous Americal television shows and will be honored with the presence of leading actors, such as Kim Raver from ”24″, Patricia Arquette from ”Medium”, and Gary Donovan from ”CSI.”  Producers of famed series such as John Pardee form ”Desperate Housewives,” John Cassar of ”24,” and Hank Steinberg of ”FBI without a trace,” will all also be part of this festival.One of the special features of the festival will be the showing of the movies ”Henry Dunant Du rouge sur la Croix.”  The film, a romantic adaptation that preceded the creation of the first Red Cross, will be subtitled in 20 different languages.

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