Large figures of the Monegasque Red Cross (CRM)

More than three million Euros of budget are necessary to run the CRM. Half of this sum, intended for the personnel costs, is provided by the Monegasque State. The CRM counts 15 permanent employees, 27 with the crib and the nursery. Other half of the appropriations (1 391.000 euros) comes from the private funds (gifts, legacy, etc) and of the Official reception of the Red Cross which produces nearly 400.000 euros. These sums are completely assigned to the humane action. 400.000 euros go to the international helps, 600.000 euros are used for the social actions of the Principality `and bordering communes), the remainder finances specific assistances of various nature. It should be noted that next Bal of Monegasque Red Cross will take place this Friday August 4, room of Stars at the Sporting.

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