Prince Albert and the Environment

In his latest attempt to highlight the environment as an issue to be addressed by fellow world leaders, Prince Albert of Monaco has stepped up his campaign by launching a new foundation to stop the rise in global warming. When Prince Albert of Monaco visited the North Pole in April this year he declared that it was as part of an effort to push the environmental issue up the agenda with other world leaders. Now he has established a foundation as part of his personal commitment for ‘the protection of the environment and sustainable development’ - and in the process show that far from his North Pole visit being a publicity stunt it was the beginning of a campaign to highlight the dangers of global warming. The Albert II foundation aims to be a permanent source of dynamic and innovative actions for environmental protection. It is just over a year since Prince Albert succeeded his father Prince Rainier to become Monaco’s leader, and in that year Prince Albert has changed his image from that of a Playboy Prince to one of a leader concerned for the future of not only Monaco - the second smallest country in the world - but for the world as a whole. Apart from his visit to the North Pole, Monaco has shown her commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by making the Monaco Yacht show, due to be held in September, to a carbon-neutral event by paying for enough wind turbines in New Zealand to generate power for 45,000 homes. In a more recent development Monaco, at Prince Albert’s behest, has decided for the first time to calculate her GDP so she can play a more active role at the United Nations, which will include calculating how much to pay to meet the UN’s request for 0.7 per cent of developed countries GDP for third world development.

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