The Monegasque Museum of Stamps and Currencies is re-opened

After important repairs in order to renovate and above all to improve its look, the Museum of Stamps and Currencies of Monaco re-opened and it is freerly accessible to everyone who is interested in learning more about stamps and currencies and to see various models of each. There is an incredible variety, each one relating a past or current history. This is really interesting and instructive. Of course the Museum exposes all stamps issued in Monaco since 1885 and all currencies issued since 1640. All of these products are on sale for collectors and even beginners. Of course, you can find current stamps of the Grand Prix of Monaco, which are very successfull and old French currencies in gold and silver. These items are more consigneed to experts and collectors. You can find as well philatelic books and many derivated products such as silk scarves, silk bags over the shoulders and ties reproducing Monegasque coat of arms.  

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