Former CNN employee talks to Monegasque pupils

CNN news came to Monaco thanks to Mark Collins who worked for the American television station while living in London. Monegasque pupils and their English teacher Elisabeth Gondeau from the Lycée Albert I, terminale S2, and European section enjoyed a lively two-hour interactive talk with Mr. Collins, at the Princess Grace Irish Library. More...The pupils, who speak fluent English, were delighted to learn the history of CNN, the American news television station, created in 1980 by Ted Turner, the iconic media mogul and philanthropist. Mark Collins, who worked for CNN in London, explained the ethos of his former employee, saying that Mr. Turner epitomized the qualities necessary for a successful and satisfying career.  ‘He is a visionary, a preserving man who is confident and at ease with himself. These qualities can be acquired by everyone, especially young people on the verge of launching their professional career.’ He went on to give advice to the students saying ‘It doesn’t matter what career you choose, whether it be as a musician, business person or artisan, as long as you maintain your vision and self-belief, you will be successful.’ Students thanked Mark Collins for the inspiring, helpful talk and advice and he in turn concluded with the positive and reassuring comment ‘With young people this smart, the future is bright.’ Mr. Collins is an Irish Citizen born in New York and today resides in Monaco.

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