Movements to the Princely cabinet

With the departure of Jean-Luc Allavena of the post of director of the Princely Cabinet, nominations were awaited, it is made thing learns you one in an official statement coming from the Palate. Thus, they is a few days before the festivals of Christmas whom the collaborators of the princely Cabinet learned their nomination. In the official statement one learns that “From on January 1, 2007, Mr. George Lisimachio, advisor to the Cabinet of H.S.H. Prince Albert II, Secretary General, is named Chief of Prince Albert cabinet. Mrs. Christiane Stahl, Adviser near H.S.H. joined his Cabinet near Sirs Laurent Anselmi and Jean Castellini, Advisers at the Cabinet. Mr. Joel Bouzou remains Advisor for the Sport near H.S.H. Lastly, Mr. Patrick Sommer, Adviser Technical near the Minister of State, is named Adviser Technical to the Cabinet of H.S.H. » 

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