Art and the Princess Grace Hospital

Following the renovation of premises in the Princess Grace Hospital, a dozen paintings by the artist Moya are to become a permanent feature of the Gastroenterological Unit which is run by Professor Rampal. Pasted directly on the walls, the paintings will permanently enhance the décor. The “Moya Décor” was officially unveiled by H.S.H. Princess Stephanie on 15th December 2006. Likewise, various sculptures are on display throughout the CHPG, including a bronze representation of Princess Grace by Daphné du Barry, “The 1st Step” in bronze by Kees Verkade, “Life” in Spanish red marble by Greta Alessio, the «Elegant Lady in the bath” decorated by artist Anne Quémar, purchased at the “Monaco Parade” auction by Baronness Marianne Brandstetter and given as a gift to the CHPG, as well as a mural fresco by painter Keith Haring in the maternity ward, which is run by Professor Treisser.

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