The Sainte-Dévote celebration in Monaco

Each year on January 27, the Principality celebrates Sainte-Dévote, saint patron of Monaco and of the princely family. This year, the mass will be pronounced on Friday, January 26 at 9.30am in the monegasque language at the Saint-Dévote Church. Later, at 8.15 pm a ceremony will be held to revive the memory of Saint-Dévote with the entrance at the Herculum Port of Monaco of a symbolic small boat followed by a procession and a new mass.  At 7.45 pm the said boat will be burnt. The evening will end with a firewalks. The day after, that is to say on Saturday January 27, at 9.45 a.m. a mass will be celebrated at the Cathedral, followed by a new procession and a concert of organ is scheduled at 5pm at the Saint-Dévote church.   

To remind you the story of the Saint Dévote, she was born on 283 in Corsica and further her martyr, her corpse was deposited on a boat to be directed to the North of Africa. Nevertheless, the boat guided by a white dove arrived in Monaco. Her corpse was burried in the Principality and later, the current Saint-Dévote church was built.

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