CLEANOVA: Monaco in the forefront

The bench test for CLEANOVA new generation electric vehicles, manufactured by the « Société des Véhicules Electriques » (SVE), a subsidiary of the Dassault Group, continues after several months of use and approximately 10,000 kilometres covered in total within Monaco. A meeting to co-ordinate and share experiences took place in Sophia Antipolis on Friday 19th January within the premises of the Agency for the environment and energy management (ADEME) which supervises and gives financial support to this operation. During the meeting, representatives from Monaco were able to make their contributions and certify that the features of such cars have been globally satisfactory.

As a reminder, four cars are being tested in Monaco by: the Post Office, the Monegasque Gas and Electricity Board (SMEG), the Department of Public Car Parks and the “Société des Bains de Mer” (SBM). Over twenty vehicles are being used by some of the most important French organizations such as “Electricité de France” on various sites, the Post Office in Paris and Bordeaux, the towns of Saint Etienne and VEOLIA in the Paris suburbs. The driving comfort and gain in engine power compared to that in previous generation electric cars were particularly underlined by all testers. The Cleanova II vehicles that are currently being tested are small commercial vehicles transformed from the KANGOO car, and thanks to lithium-ion batteries, boast a range of approximately 150 kilometers of actual usage in Monaco with its steep slopes. It should be noted that one of the testers (SMEG) lives in the Roya Valley and uses the car daily to go to work (a round trip of 100 km) and that the car tested by the SBM is a “Hybrid-series” of a particular type known as an «EV range extender» so journeys of more than 400 km are possible. In view of its great success, the “Société des Véhicules Electriques” concluded the meeting by communicating the next stages to be implemented in the experiment. Consequently in 2008, pilot production vehicles, based on the chassis of various car manufacturers will be introduced to equip the fleets initially. Monaco has already positioned itself amongst the candidates to continue equipping its departments and companies with this type of technology, and these vehicles should soon be available to the general public. The upcoming EVER exhibition, which is taking place in Monaco in March, will give everyone the opportunity to become better acquainted with this high-performance technology which will prevent pollution and reduce greenhouse gases. The CLEANOVA bench test will continue throughout 2007 and Monegasque public services will be even further equipped with “ecological” vehicles with the purchase of several electric, hybrid, “dual-mode electric diesel” and “flex-fuel ethanol” vehicles. These initiatives and programmes, in addition to the promotion of car sharing, the reinforcement of pubic transport and financial aid for buyers - proof of the combat against pollution, both locally and globally - together with the development of clean and soft mobility, constitute strong priorities for the Principality.

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