Ramoge Commission meets in Monaco

30 years of coastal protection programme celebrated by Ramoge. The 40th meeting of the Ramoge Commission took place recently on January 16th in the Principality of Monaco. The Ramoge Agreement, which was signed in 1976 and amended in 2003 binds France, Italy and Monaco to protect and control marine pollution along the coastal zones of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Monaco and the Ligurian Region.  

The zone is a controlled pilot zone for the integrated management of the littoral’s protection. The aim of the Ramoge Commission, which is at the heart of operations for the Agreement, is to discuss and implement strategies and activities. This recent meeting, presided by Monsieur Aldo Cosentino, Director General of the Italian Ministry of Environment, reviewed the 2006-2007 periods, activities, which took place last year and those, which are planned for this year. Celebrations of the 30 years of the Agreement, which took place last year, were also reviewed. In March 2006 the Principality of Monaco hosted the Ramoge Trophy; in May France undertook the Pollux exercise and Italy hosted a treasure hunt in October. The biggest and most prestigious event of the year took place in May in Monaco when a celebration ceremony took place at the Musée Océanographique in the presence of Prince Albert II, at which the member states affirmed their commitment to the agreement. The event welcomed guests from Monegasque, French and Italian schools as a way of making young people aware of the protection of the coastal and marine environment. In the battle against pollution, issues discussed included the reinforcement of work projects on the theme of macro-waste (collection campaign by fishermen, informing schools, efforts for joint solution, participation in the installation of a study control in Morocco with Med Pol. In the field of safeguarding the biodiversity issues raised included the mapping initiative to evaluate the expansion of Caulerpa taxifolia, extremely invasive seaweed, which is invading the coast between France and Monaco (Cap d’ Ail to Cap Martin). Results of the study will be available by the end of the year.

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