Monaco Info, Monaco’s cable channel on the internet

Monaco Info, the Press Centre’s cable channel has taken a gigantic step forward, after broadcasting on a local level (within the Principality), it now reaches out to a “universal” audience over the web. Accessible thanks to internet, by logging onto the official website of the Government (, Monaco Info offers internet users across the globe the opportunity to view news directly from the Principality on a daily basis.
A host of programmes feature on Monaco Info’s programme including news bulletins, cultural, sports and economic broadcasts, current affairs programmes, “5X1” – a talk show with guest key figures… In just a few mouse clicks, users can consult the topics from the last five days and access the archives from the past three months. Designed and produced by a team of journalists and professional technicians, the programmes benefit from the latest digital technology (filming, editing and broadcasting) with one key priority: coverage of all the latest news within the Principality. 

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