The Princess Grace Hospital takes action against pain: a public information day in the hospital foyer

The Princess Grace Hospital’s Committee to Combat Pain (CLUD), have presented in the hospital foyer a certain number of techniques to evaluate and treat acute post-operative pain and persistent chronic pain on last Tuesday 13th March 2007. As far as post-operative pain is concerned, techniques using « morphine pumps » have been touched upon in particular. After being regulated by the anaesthetist to suit the individual needs of each patient, these small electronic machines allow the latter to administrate him/herself with a dose of analgesia by simply pressing on a button. Doctor Niccolaï, who is in charge of acute pain within CLUD, said that such techniques, which are widely used in visceral surgery and orthopaedic surgery, are supplemented effectively by loco-regional anaesthetic techniques. The aim of such practices is to enable early mobilization and physiotherapy, which guarantee a quick recovery.
Within the context of pain induced by treatment, Doctor Melandri, Head of the emergency unit, presented the possibilities offered by a gas mixture composed of oxygen and nitrous oxide, also known as MEOPA, which is particularly suitable for children and the elderly. The CHPG paediatrics unit, run by Doctor Picaud explained several medical and psychological important issues relating to pain management in children. Last but not least, under the aegis of Professor Pesce, a workshop dedicated to pain in the elderly, turnedvwethe spotlight on the specificities of such patients. In addition, an exhibition focused on « Art in Pain » has been held in the administrative corridor of the CHPG’s main hall. Reproductions of art work have been on display with commentaries by Miss Giordano Camille, a student from the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. 

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