Outbreak of fire in the CHPG operating theatre

There was an outbreak of fire in ward B of the ENT unit of the CHPG at 3.44 p.m. last March 11. A surgeon and an anaesthetist, assisted by 4 specialised nurses, were performing an operation on a patient under local anaesthetic. For reasons as yet undetermined, a fire broke out, setting ablaze hair and the operating theatre napkin. The hospital staff reacted immediately with great professionalism. The team of doctors and nurses in the operating theatre courageously removed the items on fire and evacuated the patient. They took her to a room nearby so that they could finish the operation under safe conditions. According to the surgeon, the patient only suffered second degree burns to the neck and ear and the operation was completed successfully. The fire alarm system installed in the operating theatre immediately alerted the control station and a security engineer arrived on site without delay, extinguishing the fire before the fire brigade arrived, who then secured the area and made sure air was circulating correctly. The Management, the bio-medical engineer and the technical services engineer, who were on the premises at the time, evacuated the adjoining consultation area in order to guarantee the safety of all patients. The Department of Public Safety has made all the necessary initial enquiries. The operating equipment, which undergoes regular maintenance, has been put under lock and key pending a survey and the operating theatre placed under seal. Due to the significant damage to the theatre and the ongoing enquiry, the CHPG’s operating schedule will be disrupted. The surgeons concerned will be informing patients and their families in due course. 

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