Fight Aids Monaco lends its support to the Befelatanana Hospital and the Sisal association, in Antananarivo in Madagascar

Fight Aids Monaco and the Department for International Cooperation of the Department of External Relations began a collaboration programme in 2006 aimed at strengthening Madagascan capacities to prevent and combat AIDS. At the request of H.S.H. Princess Stéphanie, President of Fight Aids Monaco, Mr Hervé Aeschbach, the Association’s Coordinator, will be visiting Madagascar from 25th to 30th April 2007 to reinforce support given to the Befelatanana Hospital and the Sisal association. The trip will enable contacts made during the previous mission to be consolidated. Fight Aids Monaco (F.A.M.) lends financial and technical support to the infectious disease unit run by Dr Mamy Randria (Befelatanana Hospital) and the Sisal Association that actively combats AIDS.
This year F.A.M. and the Department for International Cooperation made a donation of 14,000 euros to Dr Mamy Randria’s unit. The funds will be used as follows: 8000 euros for the emergency fund, 2000 euros to purchase IT equipment and 4000 euros as a deposit to send a doctor to Monaco so that he/she can follow a training course. F.A.M. also donated 6000 euros to the Sisal community health centre in Antananarivo. The money will enable the establishment to operate for three months (purchasing prevention materials, tests and treatment against sexually transmitted infections and paying staff working in the health centre). In Madagascar, Fight Aids Monaco works in close collaboration with the Honorary Consulate of Monaco in Antananarivo, which monitors all action undertaken on site. 

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