Monaco’s Prince Albert has paid tribute to his mother Grace Kelly with a visit to a Japanese exhibition devoted to the Hollywood princess.

The prince attended the show honouring the princess’ remarkable life, which was cut short 25 years ago, during an official visit to Japan this week. ‘High Society’ actress Grace became one of the glamour-era’s most iconic names before marrying Monaco’s Prince Rainier III in 1956 in a true-life fairytale. The silver-screen sweetheart passed away aged 52 in 1982. Albert admired the collection of personal items belonging to his mother, including clothes and letters, on display at Tokyo’s Mitsukoshi department store. One of the exhibition highlights is the original Hermes ‘Kelly’ bag, which the designer dedicated to the actress - and became a global most-wanted item for the rich and famous. Albert, 49, also spent time with Japan’s senior royals Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko during his three-day trip. The group celebrated the formal establishment of diplomatic ties between their two countries over lunch. 

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