Polar Ice at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

For almost one year, the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco is welcoming an exhibition on the theme “Polar Ice for future generations” with the purpose the save the mistreated planet by appealing the future generations. The said exhibition was inaugurated by HSH Prince Albert of February 19 and will last till 20th February 2009. Inside the Museum, the visitors are immersed in a blue shadowy light with stranges noises to really give you the impressions that you walk on ice which is about to break under your feet. Of course there is no danger, but this is quite realistic and impressive. The atmosphere is created to permit people to imagine themselves transported in to the PolesĀ among its inhabitants and animals. There are of course archive images, films, pictures, written explanations…..to detail as much as possible the real live there and above all to make aware of the fragility of the Poles. Do not miss this incredible trip !!

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