A Monegasque delegation received at the Court of Cassation in Paris

A few weeks ago, Mr. Philippe Narmino, Director of the Department of Legal Services of the Principality was received in Paris further to the invitation of the First President of the Court of Cassation, Mr. Vincent Lamanda. The visit was based on the presentation of the Court of Cassation’s working methods combining the modern comminucations and technologies : indeed, the current methods of working, thanks to the electronic possibilities, increased considerably the legal department’s ways of practising, it was a real evolution, also a revolution and a real development of the legal procedures, with the guarantee to protect and secure any legal exchanges. All took place in a very friendly atmosphere. A representative of the Monegasque Bar Association and Magistrates from the highest French juridiction attended the said visit. It was as well the occasion to update some legal databases and of course to discuss and make make more practical to general public, the access to law.

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