IDDRI seminary at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco

The Principality of Monaco welcomes on March 20th and 21st, a seminary which goal’s is to answer to the following question :”How to ensure a long-lasting marine biodiversity gestion?” The said seminary is organised by the Institute of Long-Lasting Developemnt and International Relationships and was invited to be held in Monaco by the Monaco Government in partership with the Prince Albert II Foundation, the Oceaongraphic Museum and the French Funds of World’s Environment. Other known international associations such as Greenpace, WWF, Deap Sea Coalition Conservation…. as well as many universities from France, Unites-States, Italy, Tunisia…join their participation to this seminary. In the world around 2.6 billion of people are directly concerned by the feeding of fish. World’s reserves should be threatened in the future because of sea’s pollution, the climate change, the over-fishing. So various experts will debate and try to find proposals to increase sea’s gestion of our current modern methods.

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