A Commemorative Stamp of the 75th Anniversary of the Exotic Garden creation

The Office of Stamps of the Principality will issue on the 2nd of May, a commemorative stamp at 0.50 euros entitled “75th Anniversary of the Exotic Garden creation” in Monaco. Its origin started in 1910 with the Prince Albert 1st, who obtained the “Observatory Land” in order to create a garden only dedicated to “succulent plants”. The works on this project started on 1913 and H.S.H. Prince Louis II opened it on February 1933. There are between 800 and 900 different species of succulent plants ; this great variety attracts hundreds of visitors and the garden extention is over 15000 sqm. The Exotic Garden of Monaco is one of the most visited place in the Principality. The new stamp will be on sale on every post offices, philatelic stores and of course at the Stamp and Coin Museum of Monaco. It will be also included in the Philatelic Program of the 2nd part of 2008 proposed to customers.

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