Over 91% of users satisfied with the public parking facilities in the Principality

In order to gain a better understanding of the perception, needs and expectations of its clientele, the Department of Public Parking Facilities conducted, a few weeks ago, what has now become its traditional satisfaction survey. A 26-point questionnaire was sent out to a cross-section of 1 000 subscribers, 364 of whom answered. “A quite decent return rate comparable to the results obtained during our 2005 campaign”, says Mr Claude Boffa, head of this Department.

The questionnaire featured four main topics. First of all, the car parks and their management: safety, cleanliness and decor; also the quality of service, particularly with regard to the staff and the welcome. Then the parking package itself, i.e. the tariffs, the various types of subscription and the self-service feature. The last questions concern the profile of the subscriber. This is valuable information. Knowing users better will enable the department to provide them with appropriate services, and keep watch on any changes in their needs.

The results show an overall index of satisfaction, as far as the main missions of the Department are concerned, i.e. safety, welcome and cleanliness, exceeding 96%. Sign posting and lighting got over 85 favourable points. 78% of users approved the setting and décor, 86% of whom find their way around easily thanks to the interior sign posting.

With an average rate of satisfaction of almost 95% as far as professionalism, welcome and courteousness are concerned, the staff have been rewarded for their daily efforts. As Mr Claude Boffa points out, “We have to congratulate all those who contribute towards providing a high-quality public service every day. It is important to listen to our clients”.

The Department of Public Parking Facilities is attached to the Department of Facilities, the Environment and Urban Planning and was established in 1998. It manages 41 public car parks in the Principality. With a staff totalling 242, including 214 agents directly involved in running the on-site facilities, the Department has over 14 000 subscribers, residents and commuters alike. Taking into account the holders of the famous “Multiparc” card, there are over 40 000 people who have a card with the “Monaco Parkings” stamp in their pockets. But well beyond parking facilities, Monaco Parkings is very much aware of the role it plays with regard to the challenges of urban traffic and sustainable development. Consequently, the department has been greatly involved in the car pooling scheme by guaranteeing a parking space to any commuter who pledges to share his/her car – in turn – with another driver in order to get to work in the Principality.

The quality of life is one of the Government’s priorities and I am thrilled with the results of the satisfaction survey conducted amongst the subscribers of the Principality’s public car parks” said Mr Robert Calcagno, Government Counsellor for Facilities, the Environment and Urban Planning, adding “As part of the collective approach in favour of the sustainable development of our country, issues concerning city mobility are becoming increasingly important and the public car parks are at the heart of these measures. With the promotion of public transport, the goal is to develop global services, not only for residents but also for those coming to work in the Principality every day”.

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