Del Ponte will participate in organ probe

Carla Del Ponte has agreed to speak to judges investigating the sale of the organs of abducted Kosovo Serbs, says the Serbian War Crimes Prosecutor.

Vladimir Vukčević told Blic a meeting with the former Hague prosecutor could be arranged in early July in Monaco, or in September in Belgrade.

“With my authorization, a War Crimes Prosecution representative has met with Del Ponte in Buenos Aires, where she is the current Swiss ambassador,” he said.

The war crimes prosecutor said that his envoy and Del Ponte had spoken about her book, “The Hunt”, and had put across Belgrade’s position that “that book is a commercialization and politicization of a very delicate affair which is still not closed.”

“He also asked her to speak with the deputy prosecutor and judge working on the organ sales case,” he added.

“Should her diplomatic functions prevent her from doing so, that conversation could take place either at the Crans Montana forum in Monaco, or in September in Belgrade, during the promotion of her book,” explained Vukčević.

Asked whether he would be able to ascertain exactly who had blocked the investigation into the trade in human organs, and about the current difficulties associated with the case, the war crimes prosecutor replied that “on the basis of information we have at our disposal, it’s clear that UNMIK was not functioning properly.”

“We know that there was an inquiry into the sale of human organs, and we know that one UNMIK official fled to South America with a stack of charges hanging over him concerning the matter,” he said.

Vukčević said that after publication of Del Ponte’s book, many things were “clearer, and we’ve launched a preliminary inquiry based on her claims.”

“We’ve been in contact with the Albanian prosecution and the International Red Cross. We’ll question more witnesses in addition to the ones we’ve already spoken to,” the war crimes prosecutor added.

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